Coconut MCT Aromatherapy Carrier Oil 118ml

Coconut MCT Aromatherapy Carrier Oil 118ml

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Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) have become increasingly popular as people are learning more about the health benefits. According to many in the medical community, they are very good for maintaining soft, smooth, healthy skin and have many other amazing health benefits.

Great for a diluting oil for use with essential oils, For massage oil, skin nourishing oil, and apothecary reed diffusers

Essential Oils are the active healing essences of the plant, delicately distilled from large quantities of plant matter to form the concentrated life essence of the plant into an aromatic drop of therapeutic healing power.
We are proud to say that our products are:

100% Pure (no additives),
High Quality Aromatherapy
Therapeutic Grade.
Sold in Colored Glass
Steam Distilled From Natural Plant Botanicals (Citrus Oils are cold pressed)
Never sold cut or diluted

*ESO = Harvested from plants Ecologically, Sustainably or Organically grown, however it is NOT "certified" because our pouring facility has not been "certified" as organic. ESO grade is offered whenever it is reasonably available. Grades are subject to change with availability.

All of our oils are GC/MS analyzed for quality assurance and meet strict requirements for therapeutic grade standards.